How To Win Hearts
and Promotions

In Any and Every Workplace

Your Guide To Climbing The Corporate Ladder

Get ready to get your hands on this cutting-edge workbook, the compressive guide to mastering workplace dynamics, building fast and effective relationships, and winning the promotions you deserve.

The HTWH&P Workbook covers these topics ( and much more! )

Learn To Climb
Your Workplace's Corporate Ladder

In this workbook I cover everything you didn't learn in your undergraduate or graduate business school.

This includes, but is not limited to: Agile, Leadership, Self-Improvement, Team Development, Habit Building, Workflow, Corporate Relationships, Ensuring Success, Motivation, Professional Speaking, Sales and Negotiations, Networking, Emotional Intelligence, and Effective Conversations.

How to Win Hearts and Promotions Workbook
How to Win Hearts and Promotions Workbook

How to Win Hearts and Promotions Workbook

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How To Win Hearts and Promotions is a comprehensive workbook, and accompanying e-course, designed to teach you how to leverage everything they didn't teach you in business school about landing a job, getting that promotion, and expanding your network along the way.

How To Win Hearts and Promotions provides tools for defining your goals, strengths, and passions so that you can determine whether your job or field is a good fit. Additionally, the workbook and course combination will teach you how to recognize whether you're being paid according to your value at your current workplace and strategies for obtaining adequate compensation or a raise.

In the workbook you'll cover these lessons and much more:

  • Neuroplasticity
  • Maximizing Personal Potential
  • Team Nuances & Corporate Dynamics
  • Self-Awareness & Energy Management

The corporate world is complicated to navigate, so throughout the course are tips, tools, and resources that will help you achieve the success you're earning with those long hours.

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