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Your Guide To Corporate Success

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Creator Of How To Win Hearts & Promotions

Sourcing Thousands Of Pages Of Expert Insights, Case Studies, & First-Person Testimonies

Joey Mentz knows first hand what it's like to struggle climbing the corporate ladder without a guide to show him the way. That's why he set out to create the comprehensive guide to corporate success:

How To Win Hearts and Promotions

The Man
Joey Mentz

Joey is a Portfolio Entrepreneur, Corporate Leader, and a Fellow Employee dedicated to showing you the ropes of Corporate Dynamics.

Leveraging his unique experiences, Joey created a workbook to level up your corporate "kung-fu" and empower you to succeed in any workplace, no matter what your corporate battlefield looks like.

And His Creation
How To Win Hearts and Promotions

Mastering your own career requires "climbing countless corporate ladder rungs" all representing the different skills, insights, and experiences you need to thrive in your workplace.

Bundled together into the HTWH&P Workbook, Joey has compiled countless amounts of expert sources with his experiences of being a first-class leadership teacher for Fortune 500 executives.

Portfolio Entrepreneur

Built on his years of corporate experience, Joey founded Calmplimentz Consulting, a management consulting firm that focuses on developing leaders across a multitude of industries. Through his firm Joey has successfully consulted over 11 companies, all reaching new heights because of their time with Joey.

Fellow Employee

Joey has leveled-up his own career with the insights from the HTWH&P Workbook, he knows first-hand what it's like to be a fellow employee climbing the corporate ladder. Forming over 2 thousand bonds with the colleagues he's worked with, Joey has a passion for nurturing his community.

Joey wrote How To Win Hearts and Promotions leveraging his years of experience in a number of multi-disciplinary fields to give you the most powerful guide possible.

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