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Level Up Your Corporate Mindset

The Last Life-Boosting Poster You'll Ever Need

We've all downloaded incomplete online guides that overpromise and underdeliver.

You deserve better.

That's why I set out to create this supercharged one-page poster that will act as your North Star to leap-frogging the corporate ladder in 2022.

Sourced & Distilled
From The Playbook Of Playbooks

Every inch of the Corporate Dynamics: How To Win Hearts & Promotions One-Pager was pulled from the most important lessons from the master guidebook. Need a daily reminder to set Big Hairy Audacious Goals, to review your personal Game-Film, that you deserve to be able to Plant A Flag On A Hill? Well then we have the One-Pager for you.

Keep scrolling to see these examples and others, a small selection of the insights showcased in this free, download poster.

[FREE] Corporate Dynamics: How To Win Hearts & Promotions One-Pager

[FREE] Corporate Dynamics: How To Win Hearts & Promotions One-Pager

Your treasure map to corporate success, The How To Win Hearts & Promotions One-Pager was created from a compilation of graphics and lessons sourced from the HTWH&P Workbook

Better than the back of a cereal box, keep your success-driving strategies in sight and top of mind at all times as you continue to climb your corporate ladder. All high-performers, coaches, and leaders refer back a guiding light to keep them on mission. 

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The Perfect Guide For Corporate Vets & Novices Alike

All of the top performers in the corporate world surround themselves with other "all stars" so that they can tap into a well-spring of insights 24/7. I believe that those insights shouldn't be a reserved only for 20-year corporate veterans.

Everyone deserves the chance to make the climb.

That's why I created this One-Pager.

Loaded Full Of Insights To Remind You Of Concepts Of Stuff

Poster Sized One-Pager Available

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